Disney Infinity 2

I was primarily responsible for the Defend or Die portion of the game. This was a Tower Defense game built in the Disney Infinity ToyBox. The challenge was to work with the design and programming teams to deveop the game play flow and the logic “toys” within the toybox that would be needed to create a Tower Defense experience that the users could recreate.

I was also responsible for 12 of the traditional levels (6 Marvel Asguard and 6 Disney Stitch), along with the “skirmish” level. The level building portion consisted of design and layout of compelling and fun levels. Tuning of AI to be in line with the difficulty flow of the entire Tower Defense experience. The skirmish level consisted of a single “endless waves” playfield that dynamically changed and increased in difficulty as the player progressed through the level.

Disney Infinity 1

Incredibles Playset – Worked with art department to design a level layout that was both visually impactful and had good gameplay opportunities. Made significant analysis of memory use and possible optimizations. Worked with programing to help develop geometry reference editing and placement system for new engine. Got working prototypes of playset up and running on multiple platforms, such as iOS and Wii.

ToyBox and Adventures – Built 8 of 44 adventures in game. This included working with designers to design the level layout, the gameplay, and implement all of the logic and scripting of all events.

Worked with programming to develop a system for artists to have a standard and consistent environment/interface for working on adventures. This “Adventure State Machine” gave artist a consistent and standard format for integrating custom script language functions, scoring, opening Detailed Work experience cut scenes, timers, restarting, and results

I was responsible for the following adventure levels:

Davy Jones Collects Souls
Sparrow’s Flight
Sulley’s Paintball Brawl
Mike’s Scare Pig Dash
Lighting’s Collector Course
Mater’s Tow ‘n’ Go
Tonto’s Flight
Jessie’s Critter Corral