Cars 2 (PS3, x360, Wii)

Senior Artist (Worlds Architect) – Initial project at Disney. Came onto project with 2.5 months remaining and just in time for the crunch, through Alpha and Beta. This was a great way to get thrown into the deep end, which helped me to come up-to-speed. I learned the tools, engine, and procedures quickly. This allowed me to help lift some of the stress off the guys who had been on this title for the ‘long haul’. I actually was able to contribute a significant amount of work in a short amount of time, by doing the a few of the tutorial levels.

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Warhawk (PS3)

Senior 3D Artist – An “assembly line” production model was used on this game and there was little ownership over specific levels or areas within the game. In the end most of the artists on the Warhawk team “touched” almost every item in the game… Includes LODs, collision, shadow maps, shader application, terrain/roads, building and terrain integration.

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Simpsons (x360)

Senior 3D Artist – Came onto this project athrough Alpha/Beta and mainly helped with clean-up and polish tasks. My role was to work on frame rate optimization, LODs, and bug fixes.

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Tiger Woods 2008 (Wii)

Senior 3D Artist – Came onto this project a month before Alpha and mainly helped with clean-up and polish tasks. Load screens for game, golfer images for 2008 golfer select screens, modeled and textured a few clubs.

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Littlest Pet Shop (Wii, DS)

Senior Technical Artist – The Littlest Pet shop projects were challenging and fun to be a part of. Working on character team as a sr. technical artist gave me the opportunity to expand my skill set and work in a new artistic area.

Model, texture, UV pets. In addition, I maintained model, shader, hierarchy, and texture names to be consistent across all destination platforms.

Skinned and weighted pet models for appropriate skin deformations on Wii and DS platforms.

Coordinated the process for moving assets to the destination platforms, my specific focus was the DS. Wrote various tools, in MEL, to help artists export work to the DS platform.

Problem solved and worked with engineering on various art issues as they arose, for the specific platform needs. These included… DS UV animation, export volumes to interact with pets on DS, export of XYZ, scale, and a rotation/attachment scheme values of pets accessories (glasses, hats, scarves, etc.)

I participated on LPS3 for 3 – 6 months before being moved to a new project.

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