It is a hazard of the job, that you invest time effort and love into a project. Only to see it canceled. I always find it interesting to see other peoples titles that never made it the shelf. Here are a couple of mine.

Twisted Metal Harbor City (SONY / Senior Artist)

Senior 3D Artist / Level Lead – Modeled ALL geometry and Painted textures for levels. Includes LODs, collision, environmental particles, etc. Supervised 2 – 3 artists to complete levels.

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Legend of the Five Rings : Ronin (Activision / Art Lead)
XFire (Art Lead – SirTech Software)

Both of these titles were built off a custom isometric sprite based engine, similar to the original Diablo. Art Team Lead – Coordination of Graphics Department. Coordination and Production of Character Animation, using motion capture and Character Studio. Interface Design for X-Fire. Implementation of processes and methods for art production. Windows NT System Administration for Legends Art Team. Coordination of Website Development and HTML production. Supervised 8 – 10 artists.

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